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A ten-year-old female was referred to the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System located on Long Island, New York for an MRI of the brain to rule out suspected pathological abnormalities that were causing her to experience frequent seizures.

It was an unexpected surprise to the parents that their young daughter was in fact terribly claustrophobic and unable to partake in the MRI procedure. She went through a panic attack, crying and pleading persistently to her parents to let her out. The alternative approach to a successful MRI PROCEDURE was the sedation of the patient, and the parents, having this in mind, were begging their daughter to undergo the examination, however painful and traumatizing it was. Concurrently, we were testing our new Vision-2000 on the adjacent MR system. I decided to approach the parents and explain to them this new alternative on our site for claustrophobic patients. We offered the movie "Toy Story II" to our young patient, and she reluctantly accepted it.

Although our seizure protocol was rather long, she stayed quite still and appeared to be extremely comfortable and entertained throughout the whole examination, thoroughly enjoying the movie. This, of course, in addition to accommodating our patient, enabled us to have much clearer MRI pictures of her brain. The parents were extremely grateful for the fact that their child did not have to go through anesthesia, and the little girl was smiling and seemed to have enjoyed the procedure despite her earlier experience.

Dr. Manzar Ashtari,
Long Island Jewish Medical Center